Oct 15, 2009

Granny love: Semmelknödel - Bread Dumplings

My best Friend growing up was my paternal Grandmother. She cave me everything that I needed and could not get at home. She was listening, loving, interested. She was my world. If at home there was fighting, beating and terror. She gave me peace, fun and time. The weekends at my grandmothers were heaven on earth.

Later as my Mother moved out and away, my Father kicked me out. She gave me money, food and a place to wash my clothes. She was always there for me and I hope I was there for her.
I would do almost anything to have a chance to see her again, to tell her that I miss her and her cooking. 
But that is not possible and so I cook from time to time a little something, she would have cooked.  
And when I see my little boys eating it, loving it, I know she knows I think about her.

Semmelknödel - Bread Dumplings


500g stale bread, (you can use Bread Rolls or Baguette, even Bagels it’s up to you)
4 Eggs 
400ml warmed Milk
1 – 2 teaspoons Salt ( if the bread has a good amount of salt you will need just 1 teaspoon)
250g Flour
1 small Onion, fine diced 
½ cup chopped Parsley 
½ teaspoon Butter
Salt for the Water

Optional: a little Nutmeg, cubed bacon, diced Spinach

Cut the bread into small cubes. The smaller the better. 
Take the Onion and the chopped Parsley and nuke them in the microwave for 1 Minute with the Butter to soften them. Let them cool.

Take the remaining Ingredients and mix them into a batter. Now you add the bread and the Onion/Parsley Mix. 
The Dough goes now into the Refrigerator to rest for at least 45 minutes.
If the dough is to soft add some more flour, but please don’t forget that the bread will soak up the fluid and the dough will become firmer. The more Flour you add, the firmer the texture will get. 
You will need a big pot with salt water, now is the time to put it onto the stove. 
After the resting period you can take a teaspoon of the mixture put it into the Microwave, to cook the egg. So you can taste and adjust the seasoning without having to eat raw egg.
This is the fast way. Another way to cook it would be to make a small test dumpling cook it up and then taste it. If you do it this way you can be sure that your dumplings will not fall apart while cooking. 
If you are happy with the seasoning shape the Knöddel (Dumplings). You can make any size you like. Small dumplings for soup, bigger ones as side dish or big ones that will be a meal with a nice sauce.

Put them into the cooking water, lower the temperature and let them cook.
The smaller the dumpling the faster they are finished. 

I hope you try this recipe and if I would love to hear from you.
See you in the next session.

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Lisa said...

OMG, I LOVE LOVE dumplings of all kinds, from spaetzle to potato to apple et al. However, I've never attempted bread dumplings, but you better believe I'm bookmarking this ASAP. They look simply delicious and mouth watering :)